Long Beach, California (CA)

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Area Code: 323
Prefix (NXX): 558
Calling outside U.S.: +13235585887
City: Long Beach
County: Los Angeles
State: California
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Pacific (GMT -08:00)
Registrant Company: Mpower Communications Corp - CA

323-558-5887 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Mpower Communications Corp - CA and is located in the city of Long Beach, California. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 3235585887.

Comments for 3235585887

#1 Unknown

Caller ID indicates it is a call from Los Angeles, California. Solicitor on phone said she was from some Energy Program. Representative asked for me by name.They really want to know if you are a homeowner so they can sell you solar panels. If you tell them right away that you rent, they will go away temporarily. Unfortunately, this time I politely asked them to take me off their calling list because they call me every week about this program from various numbers (I think). Representative hung up on me mid sentence- even after her initial cheerful demeanor- didn't even respond, just click. Doesn't say much for the company to have representatives who won't even hear you out. Very rude. I tried to call back after that call today to make sure they would take me off their calling list after months of various representatives calling about solar panels. This was my second call today; first was from "Out of Area." The number was unreachable.

#2 Other

I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. I suspect this is some cut rate service where they have some low paid morons call random numbers to see if anyone answers so they can make up a phone list they can sell to irritating contractors to bother us some more. Five calls today like this from different numbers. I unplugged my phone. Anyone that knows me can call my cell phone. Phone co doesn't help. That's one reason a lot of people I know quit their land lines and use cell only.
This really ruffles my panties!

#3 Telemarketer

I stayed on to talk to these people so I could ask them not to call again. A guy identified the company as "Solar Solutions". When I told him to take us off their list, he hung up. They called one time at 1:30am.

#4 Prank

I do not understand what benefit this lunatic gets from calling my home continually, day after day, hour after hour.  They don't leave a message.  If I answer they say my name in a very laughing, creepy manner.  I tell them to stop calling and they hang up.  What is the benefit?  I just dont' get it but i'd love to meet them in person.  This is harassment.  You are wasting your own time and money.

#5 Unknown

Solar energy panels.

#6 Telemarketer

Same here, they call and don't leave a message or they hang up a few seconds after I answer. I did pick up one time and got an a$$hole who didn't want to take no for an answer. I hung up on him after politely saying that I wasn't interested for the third time.

#7 Unknown

American Home Remodel

#8 Spammer

I do not know what this caller wants because I dont answer. When my voicemail picks up they ask for Mr or Mrs and then hang up. They call a few times per week.

#9 Telemarketer

A female called representing a remodeling company which is supposedly in Woodland Hills Asked for my mother who is now deceased. She had my correct address. I put her on hold to check her out. the 323 area is in the Las Angles area.

#10 Other

Same as Tiffany. This phone number has called everyday, several times a day. No answer when I pick up. Tried to call back and got a "disconnected, no longer in service" recording.

#11 Spammer

I answered on the third ring and a deep, hoarse voice said, very slowly, "Mr. or Mrs." -- I barked "Who are you?" and hung up.

#12 Other

I too, have been receiving several calls a day.  I do not recognize the number so I do not answer.  The caller never leaves a message.  Since this has become very annoying, I have blocked this number from calling.

#13 Other

I get frequent calls from this number, unknown ID, does not leave a message. I have reported it to the FCC in hopes it will stop. My answering machine tells solicitors to put my number on their do not call list and it works for most companies, but not this number.

#14 Telemarketer

Answered. I qualify for solar energy. Go figure. Told gentleman I had them already then he went on to bathroom and house remodel. Said my husband in the business so he does everything. I'm not married lol. He asked if I wanted to removed from the list. I confirmed yes. So I imagine I'll get another hundred calls from this call center.

#15 Telemarketer

Lame telemarketer

#16 Other

get several calls a day from this umber and they never leave a message...

#17 Unknown

Solar systems

#18 Other

Just got a call from this number.  No ID, so I didn't answer it.  They didn't leavve a message.  Just more aggravation.

#19 Other

I get calls from this number at least once a day and if I answer no one is there.

#20 Text message

I received three calls at three different times on two different days. They didn't leave a message. When I called back the number, it said something like "disconnected or no longer in service".

#21 Other

this person calls and yells at my parents i will find u [***]

#22 Prank


#23 Other

Multiple calls/hang ups. Thank goodness for caller ID. I never pick these up but they're still utterly annoying.

#24 Other

Seriously.  Stop calling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

#25 Telemarketer

Same as above complaint. 2-3 times daily. No one there,then the phone disconects. Today someone did respondto my hello. Tried selling me solar system. Telemarketer. Asked them not to call. Bet my bottom dollar that they call again. Did file complaint.

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Number comes up on CID at work on office phone, which happens to be at the elementary school where I am secretary!

Typical scammer, 7th crooked calling again.

Call received, let it go to voicemail, they did not leave voicemail.  Blocked.

possible scam about insurance

Call claimed to be from Kaiser, the #844 number they left is for a s*x line.

just hung up

called this am about a county program to improve your house so you won't be wasting energy,.. asked a ton of questions about condition of house who owns it, etc. When I said I want to call the county to verify program, caller hung up.

Called @ 9:56am caller ID came up as ST...just picked up phone and immediately hung up.very tired of these callers....

My 90 year old mother has been terrorized by this demon who is disgusting and mentally disturbed. I called the police but no help day and night My mother has to leave her phone off and she misses calls from her family. All because of slime such as this. 562 200 xxxx is also terrorizing her. And God save us from the solar nuts.

a supposed wrong number

Received a call, it went to voicemail.  A woman's voice said "Pamela?" - three times.  Then..."Are you there?" - I do not go by Pamela to my friends so I let it go to VM.  They left no message which tells me it was a solicitor.  Good to see I did not waste my time.

I just got a call from this number too.  Thanks to everyone on here, I will be blocking it.  ugh.  It's sad that we live in a time when we can't even answer our phones without people trying to scam us.  

calls daily

I received a call at 10:25 AM yesterday and again this morning from the same number.

This is a collection agency probing number. Be sure not to answer or return calls. Block the number if you can.

They always call but never leave a message! So annoying

call all my bussiness lines every day, at dinner time serouisly.... something about google ads marketing, the funny part  they are finding us on the web so our ads must already be working well parisites....

never leaves message. telemarketer
Spanish (Unsolicited call) Cw
Picked up didn't say anything for a second then asked if I spoke Spanish. After I said no I hung up.

Picked up to no one on line, then line hung up

ROBO caller according to Google.  I didn't know the number, didn't answer.  No message was left.

kitchen and bath remodeling.

Caller location